What did the Jewish people ever do?

I have long studied the Jewish people and their history. For the life of me I can’t find anything through-out history that warrants their treatment. Like any culture the Jewish people had their start, their middle, and where they are today. I’m not speaking of Israel, that is very different.
My question is of historical content. Jewish people are different because they want to be. Jewish people are very successful at their chosen professions. Jewish people have always gotten along with others. Jewish people do not go door to door asking others to join their faith.
I can go on and on and on about what Jewish people do, don’t do, like, or dislike. So what have they done to deserve all the criticism and belittling? What did the Jewish people ever do to bring about another nation wanting to annihilate them? I have read and heard arguments and complaints for my entire life. More than one has tried to tell me that the holocaust never happened, it never happened? I have stood in front of the ovens…
So what did the Jewish people ever do?

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