What I think has to be done to get out of this ongoing crisis.

Saturday morning I was invited by some friends to breakfast, they just wanted to discuss some points from Ziggurat, when, in the middle of our talk, the fatal question popped up, «Hey Bob, what do you think has to be done to solve this crisis?»
And really, my hand rushed to my belly, so why? Because I wanted to take a bow and split my sides laughing, or because I got a stabbing pain in the stomach? It’s up to you, either one is right. Continue reading

Russia and China on a shopping spree.

Almost ten days ago or so, I was discussing with my close friend Bubs, who live in Fortaleza (Brazil) about a new bank, called the New Development Bank, that the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa inaugurated in Fortaleza on July 15th 2014, a financial giant of 100 billion dollars, which they previously agreed during their fifth meeting held in Durban on March 27th 2013. Continue reading

Ziggurat, excerpt from chapter 3

I am sitting on a rock before a splendid sea, it is early in the morning and I can still see the pale figure of the moon, it looks as if painted by a child, a flat disk stuck over the sky. I have a strange thought, «I wonder what the sea feels like when the moon swells the tide, it pulls its skin and then releases it, making it breathe so that it may blow life all around» Continue reading

Open letter to Pope Francis

Dear Mr. Bergoglio, Pope of the Catholic Church, I read in the news that you complained about the communists (??)—Those meddlesome, very bad guys with the vice of eating kids and priests—would be guilty of stealing the flag of poverty from the hands of Christianity. Besides some media sources—but I don’t know if this is true, and I don’t easily believe journalists and commentators, nor do I really listen to your sermons, wherever your use to holding them—you always stated that Jesus long before Marx had the poor at heart, thus, all the starving people in this world must identify Jesus as their supporter and not Marx. I absolutely agree! Marx would never say he had the poor at heart, as he would never think to console the underprivileged with beatitudes that would defer the end of their pains in the afterlife. Continue reading

And no religion too…

The kingdom of Man and not the Kingdom of God is the landing-place of the Free Human Community. We do not want to reform society, we want to revolutionize the entire world.
Class-consciousness will make the proletariat and the underclass become aware of their condition, and no other Messiah but the working class will emancipate all of Mankind by emancipating itself from the dominion of the Capital. Continue reading

Ziggurat, The Age of Total Dominion


Description: Individuals are tools of production and consumption, relentlessly looking for pleasure that never comes. Their same “self” vanishes while attempting to fill up the emptiness of their existences completely dehumanized and possessed by the totalitarian law of profit. Neither old nor new values will never appease their plight while the social regime remains unaltered. Until the social room we all occupy is humanized, there is no chance for Man to finally be born, we’ll keep being oppressed by the ruthless Leviathan, no matter if it disguises itself with the reassuring forms of civil rights and democracy. Continue reading

Meritocracy. Oh, what a Bourgeois Chimera!

Some may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one… ah, sorry, that was Imagine by John Lennon.
Well, some say I am an idealist, but I am not, as I have nothing to do with idealism, I don’t think I have to bring the world back to its original ideal principle. Nor do I think that the true character of reality is only spiritual. Continue reading

Why is it so stupid to find solutions for making the capitalist system fair?

Unless you are one of the Neostance, those who, even though from different points of view and with different aims, want to maintain the capitalist production system unaltered, the answer to this question is very easy. Nonetheless, no matter how much self-evident a truth can be, there are still lots of people whom one doesn’t understand whether they find it more difficult to comprehend the notion or of reality itself. Continue reading

The Epigones

There is a word in Italian which I like very much, “epigono” or “epigone” that the most authoritative English dictionaries, like Collins or Oxford, translate into “imitator” or “follower”, although the word itself “Epigone” exists in the English language too, but it is of rare use. Yet, Epigone is more than follower, it derives from Greek ἐπίγονος, which means to be born afterwards. It is made by two words ἐπί, which means over or after, and γίγνομαι, which means to become or to be born. In Greek mythology Epigone was the name given to the children of the seven princes who fought against Thebes to avenge their fathers, engaging in war ten years after their fathers died. They were led by Alcmaeon son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle, thus one of the Epigoni, found death himself during the attack in which he wanted to take possession of Harmonia’s necklace of eternal youth. There’s a lot to learn from that story, but let’s go on. Continue reading