Success does not like to smile on losers.

It sickens me the massive use of quotes by illustrious people, or also show biz stars, on many websites which incite to succeed, in most cases, particularly for those by scientists, poets, thinkers, and other historical characters, they are not only inappropriate to such a contemptible milieu, but even misinterpreted. Continue reading

O Damn Climate!

The Oxfam website, sends out an alarm, “Stop climate change making people hungry”!!

And then they call to action, “Join us as we demand action from governments and big business to stop climate change making people hungry”.

What? What am I, an incurable stupid!! I have thought for my entire life that Capitalism made people hungry, but now I find out that the reason must be searched among the reactions of Mother Nature, particularly when she gets pissed off at our inclination for polluting our environment. Continue reading

What now?

What now?? What does that mean?

Well, now we know what the face of Jihadi John looks like, what are we going to do? Kill him? Yeah, most likely! I don’t think John is going to die from old age, he does not have to worry about his retirement pension, no, actually no superannuation for Mohammed Emwazi, that is the real name of this English guy of 26, born in Kuwait but raised in West London, and so a British citizen, graduated in Information Systems Business Management from the University of Westminster in 2009, and in the service of the State of Iraq and the Levant since 2012. Continue reading


Resorting to set theory, with the expression World Set, I mean the whole of the countries with all of their societies, and civilizations, and political organizations, and so forth and so on…
What? Is this not a harmonious whole? No, it is not; as if with harmony you mean peace and brotherhood??
On the other hand, the World Set is entirely under the grasp, and thus strict control, of Capital. For centuries now, that peculiar production system known as Capitalism rules over countries and peoples, no matter what political form a country has given, Capital is the social power, and the slave driver, that props all countries up, and particularly, guides them. Continue reading

Primitive, submissive, servile.

Aside from the backward societies in the most repressive countries, I can’t see any reason for us, the westerners, for priding ourselves on our way of living. Our so much boasted advanced and democratic societies are primitive, indeed. We use an economic system over six centuries old, we believe in myths as old as the beginning of civilization, and we rely upon values that come from the mists of time. And I guess I don’t need to speak about the reverence and submission we show to the high offices and the bosses of our ridiculous social organizations, be them from the Government, Politics, Religion, Industry or whatever, do I? Continue reading

A very small dose of economics, OCC = CC/VC, or where the Capitalist engine gets clogged.

This is a brief report of economic analysis, with popular features, which I made hoping to simplify one of the contradictions of Capitalism. I could have named this article “The chimera of changing what can’t be changed”, just to make clear that our efforts must go towards another direction, that of overcoming the current system of production and social control. Continue reading

Brian pays a visit to his Irish friend who is still in a comatose state from drinking too much during last night. He starts speaking with a weird train of words and concepts articulated in a weird way to match. This might as well be called “Brian and his Irish friend” but it just sounded too dull.

When I was a kid in the early ‘70’s there were those who put forth propositions, and those who had dreams. There were sunny beaches, and bright skies at night with so many stars. All that was a wonder to me.
I must strive to clean up my thoughts among the waves and the winds that blow whirls of blaze and blizzards, before my brain’s boat is capsized by the breakers. I see stairways that try to climb up to heaven, and I see waters that smoke, blurred visions while Joe is on the run. And a hose 50-foot long in the Garden of Eden, right where the sun sets, YES! Where the sun sets. Continue reading

The Wall has fallen, long live the Wall!

On November 9th celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall took place. Rivers of words, opinions— and beer—flowed to commemorate the victory of the Free World against the Communist Devil, which afflicted the Earth for over 70 years. And what about the other countries where the wonders of real socialism are still a-going? Socialism, Communism? On this planet, this one? The one with chocolate?? I should have realized!! Continue reading