The house was bright white, lying at the center of the esplanade, arcane and mysterious like a sphinx made of ice. Its smooth and softened shapes glistened in the moonlight, while its dome seemed to expand in a blurred glitter in the sun. It was many things all at once, two of which, defeat and devastation, remained well concealed, hermetically covered by the seal of enslavement. No shocking surprise here, the Thing of all things rules the game, and what was permitted to some was restricted to others. It was a matter of who kept in line with the Thing of all things, and who fell out of its graces. Continue reading

To GMO or not to GMO? Enhanced version

A previous version of this article was posted on August 3 2015, this is an enhanced version.

By J. A. Lowe

Author’s Preamble

My Viewpoint My Perspective

I do not pretend to be an expert on Biotech or its applied sciences nor do I necessarily endorse biotech. This paper is written from my experience’s being involved in seed and seed production. Continue reading

Greek Jam. Oh, too juicy to pass up!!

Unbelievable about the Greeks! They actually flushed themselves. Many countries have defaulted before but none have been as flamboyant about it as Greece! Over half of the Greek nation are now saying that voting no on the referendum makes them feel so good, however, over half of the Greek nation hasn’t a clue as to what’s next? In front of the entire planet they cut their nose off to spite their face! Continue reading

Iconoclasm, not correct but sure sounds good!!

I have never concealed the thrill I get at thinking to wipe out the false, and inhuman I daresay, myths of the bourgeois ethics. Some improperly call me iconoclastic, but iconoclasm refers to the destruction of images when one is hostile to any visual representation in general. However, I love the way the word sounds; call me iconoclastic if it fits for you, I don’t care. Am I kidding? Huh, dunno! Pitch a yarn, and make it sound the way you like the most. I won’t comply with it, unless it will sign and seal the end of slavery for each and everybody on this lonely planet. Otherwise, I will react with my usual sense of humor. Better to crack a good laugh and never take yourself seriously, my old folks used to tell me. Such a wise teaching, for if you are unable to laugh firstly at yourself, you must have either missed the sweetest side of life, or have been living dead for a long, long time. Or, violence is so rooted within you that you’ve killed the least hint of human touch. Let individuals be free to express themselves, and if they are actually free, their free expression will never turn into offense. Freedom can originate only out of accomplished humanity, how could it possibly be evil, as it can never be attained through violence? Continue reading

Radical Islamists, and some new and old stories.

On the island of Sardinia, Italy, a judicial inquiry, carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s office of Cagliari, the Sardinian capital city, has led to arrest nine suspects of being radical Islamists linked to Al Qaeda who planned an attack on Vatican. They were arrested on April 24th 2015 in northeastern Sardinia, in the Costa Smeralda, a famous part of this Mediterranean island for its luxurious villas and jet set life style. More accomplices are still at large and being sought, local news has informed. Rumors have it that they were conspiring to kill Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, when he was the Head of the Catholic Church before resigning in 2013. Continue reading

Cry(p)tically Trash!!


There was a time when crypto-currencies were a big hit, and they looked to be the new frontier of happiness and freedom. We the People have created something wonderful that can make us live with peace of mind and release us from the economic crisis caused by bankers, politicians and their cronies, and so on and so forth with nonsense like this. Someone also thought that this was the way to get rid of government… LMFAO Continue reading

We the People

Power is definitely superfluous, but its totalitarian dimension imprisons us all. The state of the art our societies have reached tells us that the emancipation of humanity is possible, however; we are dramatically packed into the slavery condition imposed by the Great Dominator Das Kapital.

We the People, sounds as an empty notion to my critical ears, or worse, it is an alarm, given its petty bourgeois and reactionary nature. I am not used to thinking within national borders, nor am I concerned about the financial fortunes of my country. Mankind, free from economic slavery is my aim; I leave the rest to those who are deluded to change things by following the rules of democracy and common good. Continue reading

The things we are afraid of…

The foreigners, especially when they don’t look like us, have no money to make us happy, and are desperately in need.

Atheism, as we feel alone and lost without religion, although religion does not explain why individuals, dehumanized by the social dominion, should adore such a God even more inhuman than they are.

Communism, because we hate dullness, but where on earth have we seen it in action? Does Capital owned by the State make any difference? And the squalor in our democracies is not as dreadful? Continue reading