The Wall has fallen, long live the Wall!

On November 9th celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall took place. Rivers of words, opinions— and beer—flowed to commemorate the victory of the Free World against the Communist Devil, which afflicted the Earth for over 70 years. And what about the other countries where the wonders of real socialism are still a-going? Socialism, Communism? On this planet, this one? The one with chocolate?? I should have realized!! Continue reading

Slave to no nonsensical conviction

My friend Gavin called me the other morning, he was like “Hey Bob, the bear has gone back to his den”.
He shut himself off in Ireland for a while, as he needed to meditate over “some itchy things” in his life. When Gavin does that, it means he needs to take some time for himself, leave him alone, and he will soon be back stronger and livelier than ever. Continue reading

It’s a sick sick sick sick world

Reyhaneh Jabbari

I think everybody knows the sad story of Reyhaneh Jabbari, the Iranian woman of 26 executed last Saturday, October 25th, despite an international campaign calling for a reprieve. She was sentenced to death for killing Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former intelligence ministry worker, who was trying to sexually abuse her. Continue reading

Agriculture and its ills

Last Tuesday (Oct 7th) my colleague Howard McCoy published an article about environmental issues and agriculture on Qoobix, a project we are debugging and of which we’ve been discussing for so long now, and that it is possible with thanks to the courtesy of Planters’ Guild which has provided a lot of precious material about farming processes, agronomy and studies. Continue reading

Bitcoño, The New Kid on the Block

Bitcoño was conceived in the muddy waters of the flowing river where numbers, strings, routines and rules get together to swim upstream, gaining the worth of algorithms, a species that lives and thrives at the top.
Unlike its paper siblings, it had been born without mass, and this made it think that it was like a photon, allowed to reach the highest speed, to roam free, and to go wherever it liked.
It had been a lively newborn indeed, which, as soon as it had gained trust of the world around, had begun to jump up and up and up, actually reaching high heights, and enjoying its lightness and nimbleness. Continue reading

Scottish Loot

The Scots (55% to 45%) decided that the loot won’t be a whole apanage (the right to receive a benefit, e.g. money or other provision, granted by the government) for Scotland, but it will keep being paid out, according to what is already established with the Crown, or the United Kingdom if you prefer.
Well, as I said many times to my Scottish friends, the problem is not to gain independence from a government, but independence from the government. What’s the use of replacing a master with another one? Continue reading

Holy Fat Cow

There was so much turmoil around the Kingdom of Cows. For too long, all of the cows were too lean, and milk was badly lacking.
Milk shortage was such a disastrous misfortune and a dramatic disgrace, as milk was the foundation and the bond that kept the Kingdom united.
The well offs, those who got plenty of milk, were always looking for new and more advanced solutions for milking the cows all the time. Continue reading

Why we have economic crises, aside from all the baloney we are fed

In the capitalist system, which is the system that rules over the entire world, no country is excluded, each economic crisis is a crisis of Capital. Crises are congenital to the process of accumulation. Each crisis is a crisis of the process of valorization of capital, which can also be said that crises are when those who make profits upon paying a salary are not able to draw enough profit in comparison with the money they invest. This happens even though salaries are meager. All crises are thus ingrained into the same laws that regulate the system of capitalist accumulation. Continue reading

Tester I’ll have in pouch when thou shalt lack

I have disturbed the Bard to title this post, I’m sorry Bill, but it looked fitting to me. Here they go some who are actually making merry, although not the Merry Wives of Windsor.
Panic keeps spreading across many businesses in Europe from the Russian veto, their wheeling and dealing is getting screwed, and so they are cadging and pushing politics, “Hey, we’d better do something before it’s too late”, and yet, it is too late, or not? Continue reading