The Leviathan

I was having a pleasant discussion with some friends today, and once again I found how much confusion hovers about. Yeah, so much confusion, and even a hint of conspiracy, I daresay. Ah, ah…

Let me put it like this, there is an indefinable sense of mystery in the air… Yet, I don’t want to speak about the misinterpretation of the reality—to say the very least—these guys who are affected by the illness of conspiracy theories suffer from. Continue reading

Money is Money

Money, that thing that makes the world turn, and that drags us all, all of us into inhuman beings.
Money, that thing that has the power to turn itself in the most powerful superpower called Capital, His Majesty Das Kapital!! It is not a sophism my dears, it is a crude reality. Yes, money is compelled to become Capital, and when it does it makes us slaves. Factories, farms, industrial plants, it is in the acclaimed and sanctified real economy that slavery begins, it is there that the chain of profit sees the light, Continue reading

Criminal Countries, here an up to date list.

I guess the majority of you are acquainted with the notion of Rogue States, which are those countries that threaten the world’s peace and infringe on human rights. Ah, ah, ah… This makes me really laugh out loud. What are then called the Non-Rogue States? Maybe Righteous Countries, yes, it fits well. Huh, where are they? On this planet we call Earth? Pretty strange, because I have never become conscious of it.
Okay, let’s put it like this, I like most the notion of Criminal rather than that of Rogue, and I will call the others Free Human Countries, those where human beings are the masters of their existences, instead of being but subjects. Continue reading


Unless you are among those who are unable to recognize that democracy and dictatorship are but two faces of the same dominion, and although the first allows you to choose the cudgel with which you are beaten, and the latter rams it down your throat, neither of them will ever acknowledge your human needs, because power is not acquainted with humanity. Continue reading

Sugar Coated Capitalism

We are tolerant. We are multiracial. We the People, run the country. We act for the sake of our common good. We operate in the name of law, established by the People and administered in the name of the People. We consider all citizens equal before the law. We believe all men were created equal.

Okay, we could keep on enumerating many others of these resonant principles, and some may say, “Huh, very high principles, very human, very respectful of the other people’s rights”. So very sorry, I call this a bunch of bullshit. Continue reading

Money, what else?

Damn! It’s only money!!

Crypto-currencies are taking over, whatever the conventional thinkers and mainstream economists may say. Those who oppose crypto-currencies are—although by different positions and viewpoints—fans and supporters of State sovereignty, preoccupied by the decline of traditional institutions. As you know, even those who call themselves libertarians can’t take a single step without the government protecting their interests. Nonetheless, crypto-money may even collapse in a day or two, but this is not just what I mean to say here. Continue reading


Crypto-currencies are a revolution, and, they are a bourgeois revolution!

It’s not the revolution those like us expect, the working class revolution that will free humankind from capitalist slavery. Bitcoin and all its other crypto-brothers and sisters are born within the bourgeoisie and are completely functional in the system. On the other hand, we have never witnessed a more revolutionary system than capitalism in our history. Continue reading

The Fast Rules of Capitalism

Let’s look back again at some fast rules of capitalism, without which it could not exist. I have stressed this out in other posts, but this will make a fixed a point and useful for the next articles I am ready to publish.

The [bourgeois] capitalist society is based upon salaried labor, which means the exploitation of those who are forced to live by selling their labor to the capitalists, which means the abuse and mistreatment of those who are constrained to sell their person, because once a worker has nothing else to make a living except to sell out their ability, they are selling their entire person to the capitalist, good, bad, or indifferent!! Continue reading